How Do You Clean Your Gutters?

Gutters can have a heavy concentration of debris that will leave you wondering how you can prevent this in future. It might not be easy since even when you install gutter guards, you may still have to do easy gutter cleaning. With this, you do not have to get up a ladder periodically to clear the gutters.

Common Problems with Gutter Clogs

Apart from enhancing the health of your home, there are many other reasons you should clean your gutters. Imagine having issues with your windows, foundation, siding and doors just because you did not get rid of debris in your gutters before the rains!

You Can Use a Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is useful when you want to clear debris from your gutter. This is actually one way a homeowner can clean their gutters themselves. The only disadvantage of using this method to clean is that it is only best for low sloping roofs. The leaf blower will also not be effective if the debris is not dry. The leaves have to be dry to be blown off the gutter.

Start Off with this Area

The drain outlets of your gutter system are more vulnerable to debris accumulation. Most of the dirt will be found here and thus this is one part you cannot overlook. Actually, you should start cleaning here. With your rubber gloves on and garbage bag, you should pull off the dirt using a trowel. A narrow one is the best option.

Use a Hose Pipe to Clean Thoroughly

Scooping the dirt and debris away does not mean that you have thoroughly cleaned your gutters. Cleaning your own gutters involve more than this. You will definitely miss some things such as silt. You can now remove this using a hose with clean water. This will leave the gutter system sparkling clean.

Dispose the Dirt

Once you are done cleaning your gutters, it is time to get rid of the debris. This should be disposed off appropriately. Remember there could be objects that could lead to injuries such as animal bones, screws and nails. You also do not want to leave it sitting in your compound.

Learn of Ways to Reduce Debris in the Gutter System

To avoid too much work when cleaning your gutters, you should find a way of protecting them. Some gutters come with some protection but if you have already installed your system, you can purchase gutter guards.

One important way to maintain your home is by ensuring that gutters are cleaned from time to time. It is actually part of being a homeowner. When you decide to do the cleaning yourself, you should expect a dirty work. All the muck and debris will not leave you clean.

This is one reason, you should have your heavy-duty gloves on, safety googles and an apron. The good thing about cleaning your own gutters is that it is easy to see if there is an upcoming damaged and have it fixed before it becomes worse.